PT China Life Insurance Indonesia is a licensed life insurer which is established in June  2018, regulated by the Financial Service Authority (OJK) in Indonesia.

Our parent company, China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company Limited (“China Life (Overseas)”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Life. It is a leading life insurance company in Hong Kong and Macau with an asset value of more than USD 38.22 billion (December 2017) and its premium income exceeded USD 8.92 billion in 2017. Its financial rating by Moody’s was “A1” (insurance financial strength rating in September 2017) and by Standard & Poor’s was “A” (long-term local currency issuer credit rating and insurer financial strength rating in January 2018). China Life (Overseas) has extended its footprint in Southeast Asia region in recent years, and established Singapore and Indonesia subsidiaries in 2015 and 2018 respectively.

As part of China Life Insurance (Group) Company (“China Life”) which is the largest financial insurance corporation in China, we are backed by its financial strength and established heritage. China Life is a Fortune Global 500 company, ranked 42 in 2018, for 16 consecutive years. It is an influential global brand with a brand value of over USD 48.16 billion*.

We are a socially responsible company committed to offering value-added financial solutions to customers to fulfill their protection, savings, retirement and legacy planning needs. We also believe in giving back to society through our corporate social responsibility activities to make a positive impact on the community and our customers. This resonates with the Belt and Road Initiative to increasingly engage our socio-business influence here.